Before You Sign, Consult a Trusted Home Inspector

Use home inspections to your advantage in Huntsville, AL



Purchasing a new home is likely the largest investment you'll make in your lifetime. While you can try on shoes or take a car for a spin, understanding everything about your prospective home isn't so easy. Contact Spraggins Home Inspections, LLC to hire an experienced home inspector in Huntsville, AL.

We work with homebuyers, sellers and Realtors - for both new and existing homes. Uncover potential radon leaks and structural damage to gain leverage in the deal. Call 256-929-8283 today to get started.





Leave no stone unturned

Leave no stone unturned

Spraggins Home Inspections, LLC is a trusted company with years of experience in the industry. On top of our certified home inspections and radon testing services, we also offer "blue tape walks" for new construction. Sign up for our ancillary services to:

  • Identify small cosmetic defects in your home
  • Understand your future repair costs
  • Gain an extra bargaining chip in the sales process
Gain peace of mind knowing a local expert is looking out for your best interests. Contact us today to learn more about our "blue tape walks" and other premium services offered in Huntsville, AL.

Protect your investment

Home inspections are useful for buyers and sellers at any stage of a real estate transaction. When the added benefit of an inspection can make all the difference, you shouldn't have to pay a fortune for a reliable home inspector.

Reduce your rates and improve your purchasing power. Call us today for more details in the Huntsville, AL area.